ISSRD ...Rules and Regulations (Read Carefully)

A - For paper Submission and Publication in ISSRD International/National Conferences:

  1. A1- All Paper should be the Original one and it should not be published in any manner before and after the conference.
  2. A2- All Authors and Co-authors must inform their respective Dept. Head/Principal/Guide about the paper submission of papers in to ISSRD International Conferences.
  3. A3- All Authors and Co-authors should write the correct affiliation inside the paper.
  4. A4- The Organizing Committee may not accept the papers submitted after the last date of registration.
  5. A5- ISSRD accepts each paper for conference after doing the review by three ISSRD Reviewers.
  6. A6- ISSRD never publishes author's or co-author's emails online.
  7. A7- ISSRD can’t add, modify or delete any author’s or co-author’s name inside the paper after the registration of the paper without the permission of all authors and co-authors present inside the paper.
  8. A8- ISSRD never publishes any unregistered paper.
  9. A9- ISSRD is not responsible for identifying the Original author or co-author of the paper. The person who submits the paper will be taken as the original author of paper.
  10. A10- In any case if ISSRD receives the complain about the originality of the author and it found to be true the paper will be suspended from the publication immediately.
  11. A11- ISSRD can’t republish or distribute any suspended paper from the date of suspension.

B - Attending ISSRD International/National Conferences:

  1. B1- All participants must register before coming to the conference by paying the specified amount mentioned at the registration menu of the Official Conference Website or written letter from the Organizing Secretaty.
  2. B2- All participants must follow the official Conference page only regularly for getting the latest information about the event.
  3. B3- The Organizer may change the venue and date at any time before the conference. If the organizing Committee decides to change the venue and Date of Event, all registered participants(Only) will get the information via mail and Phone.
  4. B4- The participants should not involve any kind of violence inside and outside of the venue at any time before and after the event.
  5. B5- The participants must bring their original ID card while attending the Conference otherwise you can’t attend the conference.
  6. B6- Due to shortage of Conference KIT ISSRD may not give you the participant KIT at the time of Conference, in such cases ISSRD will provide you the Conference KIT via Speed Post after the Conference.
  7. B7- Any participant reaching after the reporting time at the venue will not be considered for the presentation at the conference and not allowed to participate the conference.
  8. B8- Any Activists are not allowed to register and attain the conference.
  9. B9- ISSRD has all rights reserved to publish the conference images at any platform at any time.
  10. B10-ISSRD will be not responsible for any refund of ticket to the participants if the conference gets cancel or re-scheduled to other place or date.

C - Publication in International/National Journals:

  1. C1- ISSRD has all the rights to select the papers from the conference to publish in the international Journals.
  2. C2- ISSRD selects the paper from the conferences for publishing in the International Journal after extending the paper at least 20% from the authors.
  3. C3- ISSRD takes minimum 20 Days after the Conference to publish the papers in the Journals. Which may extend due to the availability of the journal publication slot.

D - Plagiarism policy

The plagiarism policy ensures authors give due credit to other authors while referencing and it protects academic integrity of the research community. 

  1. D1. All research papers submitted for publication are checked with plagiarism detection software to verify its originality and find similarity percent of research paper. And the papers failing to satisfy mentioned criteria are sent back to author for modification.
  2. D2. If plagiarism is detected in research paper just before publication, the author will be given a chance to resubmit the paper after necessary modification as suggested by editor. However, if the editor decides plagiarism is a major issue in the research paper, it will not be considered further for publication.
  3. D3. If plagiarism/fake identity  is suspected or detected in research paper after its publication, the research paper will be removed from website till completion of verification . In case few paragraphs are plagiarized the author will be given a chance to modify the published paper and the research paper will be restored in website after editor’s approval.  
  4. D4 .However, if ISSRD decides plagiarism/fake identity is a major issue in published paper and it seriously violates copyright of others then the paper will remain removed from publication and author will be penalized and will be Black listed from  ISSRD and other Conference Organizers for life time . Also it will be mentioned in journal website about the removal from publication as well as indexing services will be notified about the removal.
  5. D5. Authors republishing their earlier published work (self-plagiarism) will also be dealt in the same procedure as mentioned above.

E - Declaration :

  1. E1- ISSRD is registered under “Peoples Empowerment Trust” under Section-25 , Companies Act, 1956.
  2. E2- ISSRD is an Independent nonprofit body whose aim to promote the Scientific Activities in India and abroad.
  3. E3-ISSRD is not affiliated to any university.
  4. E4- The Editorial Board members are not the Employees of ISSRD.
  5. E5- ISSRD has all the rights to cancel the Registration at any time and withdraw the Publication if any participants/Delegates violates the rules and regulations of ISSRD and will take necessary action immediately.
  6. E6- ISSRD has all the rights reserved to publish / withdraw / modify the paper from conference proceedings or journals at any time.

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