You might hear this word “plagiarism” or “plagiarism of your paper” several times while writing your research paper for any conference or Journal publication. Your guide or friends may have suggested you, check the Plagiarism of your paper before submitting for any International Journals or conference. So what is the importance of checking the plagiarism of your paper? How to do that?

Steps to avoid this.

There is a lot of ways to avoid the Plagiarism

  1. Check your content through plagiarism software
  2. 2. Review your paper by the experts
  3. 3. Create the original Content

Here are some of the Best plagiarism checker for research papers

ISSRD Policy for Plagiarism

ISSRD does not allow any form of plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered to be a serious breach of scientific ethics by the entire scientific community. Incidents of plagiarism in a manuscript or published paper whether detected or reported will be dealt with seriously. We constantly support/advise and take suggestions from our Editors/Editorial Board/Reviewers on avoiding any malpractice of publication ethics.

Please report us the plagiarism E-mail id :

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